Admission Policy

It is our policy to allow any applicant that meets our admission criteria into the Nurse Aide Program. Any applicant that does not meet the criteria will not be allowed into the program. However we will provide a list of agencies that will assist anyone that does not meet criteria due to English being their second language.

Below are our admission criteria:

  • Must be 16 yrs or older
  • Must be able to read and write the English language
  • Provide a State Photo Identification
  • Provide Social Security card, Work permit, or Green card
  • Complete Enrollment Application
  • Take Comprehensive reading exam (applicant must pass with 70% or higher)
  • Must pass a criminal background check (No Felony)
  • Assure Registration Fee
  • Student must present a current TB Skin/Chest Exam
  • Attend Orientation Session (One Hour)

Completion Policy

It our policy to allow any student that meets the criteria listed above to be admitted. If all the objectives are satisfactorily addressed, the student may graduate, and receive a certificate of completion, and other information needed for certification testing.

Student must successfully complete a minimum of 75 hours of the Nurse Aide program. This MUST include attending 16 hours of clinical experience.

Students must score a 77% or better on the program written exams. This also includes a passing grade in your lab and clinical experience. Student must meet or exceed the standard in the 6 terminal competency evaluation to graduate from the program

Student must satisfy all financial obligations.

Attendance policy

Nurse Aide Program offers a (2) five weeks session (92 hours); the student is expected to attend every class.

Morning Session Hours: 09:00 a.m. – 01:00 p.m. (Monday – Thursday)

Evening Session Hours: 04:00 p.m. – 08:00 p.m. (Monday -Thursday)

Clinical Hours: 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Clinical Days to Be Determined). (Clinical Days May Be Subject To Change without Prior Notice)

Every student is expected to attend 75 hours of the Nurse Aide program. The number of hours, late arrivals, and leaving early will be documented in your permanent record. (In case of absence (excused), the following is the responsibility of the student)

Excused absence is defined as: student has contacted the school or instructor before the absence and the Director or Instructor has excused the student. Or the absent is followed up with a Physician’s note upon returning to class.

One unexcused absence will result in termination and a re-admission conference with the Program Coordinator before returning into the program.

Initiate communication with instructor regarding make-up work immediately upon returning to school.

Student must complete all missed assignments.

Three late arrivals to class and/or early departures greater than 7 minutes equal one absence.

Clinical Policy

Student will be placed in health care facility under supervision of their instructor, RN or LPN, during the clinical experience the students are expected to perform in an ethical, professional manner, and within their scope of practice. The student will not perform the procedure on which he/she has not been trained for and found proficient in the lab.

Shoes – no open toe shoes. Socks or hose will be worn at all times with closed-toe shoes.

Scrubs must be worn, clean and neat without obvious wrinkles

Jewelry – watch with a second hand, and wedding ring. No facial jewelry.

Please be aware that people who are ill may be especially sensitive to odors. Please keep perfume and after-shave to a minimum. Nail polish, if worn, should be free of chips. Nails should be clean and neatly trimmed. For infection control reasons, artificial nails are not permitted.


Dress Code Policy

Student shall attend class dressed in the proper attire;

NAVY Blue Scrubs 2 Sets (Provided by Student)

Identification Name Badge (Provided by Program)

Watch with a second hand (Provided by Student)

Closed in shoes (Provided by Student)


Skills Laboratory Policy

Students are expected to practice and demonstrate performance according to the criteria identified above.

You will receive a Skills Checklist which is to be with you in class and at your Clinical Experience. You must keep up with the dates of each skill performed on your checklist.

The expectation is that each skill will safely performed on the first attempt.

If the skill not successfully completed on the first attempted, the student will be scheduled for a second attempt.

Student must pass the laboratory/skills with a final grade of Pass or they will not be able to begin the clinical practicum.

Students are expected to practice their skills daily after safely performing the skill with their lab Instructor

Dismissal Policy

Non-Payment of program tuition as agreed on contract.

TB Skin/Chest Exam not received by that Monday of the 2nd week you will result automatic dismissal

Any student who is found abusing or mistreating a patient will be immediately dismissed from the program and not allowed to be re-admitted.

Any student, who is caught cheating, will be Automatically Dismissed from the program without re-embursement or re-admission.

Missing a clinical day or arriving to the designated clinical meeting site more than 5 minutes late.

Arriving to clinical site without of uniform, including without badge.

Representing yourself as a Certified Nurse Aide (without certification) will be automatically dismissed from the program without re-embursement or re-admission.

Performing skills that you have not been trained for and found proficient by the instructor, will be automatically dismissed from the program without re-embursement or re-admission

Drug use, possession of dangerous weapons, will be Automatically Dismissed from the program without reimbursement or re-admission.

Breaking any of the program policies and expectations can lead to the dismissal from the program automatically.

Grievance Policy

A grievance is a formal expression by a student of a difference of opinion between a student and a teacher about the interpretation and application of a conduct or educational policy.

Any student who feels he/she has been treated unfairly has the right to file a grievance about the treatment and to receive a prompt meeting with Program Coordinator.


The student will discuss the concern with the person involved to see if an agreement or understanding can be reached.

If an agreement is not reached, the student will make an appointment with the Program Director/Coordinator. Information should be in writing and should include:

  • A description of the disagreement with times and dates included
  • Expectation of how this event was injurious to the student
  • A statement of what the student wants to happen